Thursday, January 8, 2009

Every human being has a bond to share with every other. This bond makes us reach out; hold a hand; and touch the heart. But then there are some, who rely on touch much more than others because they 'see' the world differently. They are special, differently abled. We refer here to our visually challenged kin. They struggle, they toil, but never lose heart. They study undeterred by the delay in getting text books in Braille, and by the lack of teachers. They strive to be independent in every sense.

'Aniruddha's Bank for the Blind', is an activity of the 'Aniruddha Samarpan Pathak', that is committed to this bond, by way of offering service to the blind. This bank was initiated by the grace and blessings of Dr. Aniruddha Joshi(M.D. - Med.), a well known Rheumatologist from Mumbai and fondly called 'Aniruddha Bapu' by millions of his followers. The 'bank' stores knowledge in the form of audio cassettes & cds that are based on curriculum of school, college and university study.The cassettes are given free of cost to the students. Recorded material includes courses on acupressure, massage, etc. conducted by 'National Association for the Blind' (NBA) as also technical courses like motor coil winding and lathe training, i.e. courses that will equip the visually challenged to become independent and lead them to feel the joy of contributing to society. Also the bank has catered the requests for various courses viz Physiotherapy, Banking, Law, Computers etc.

Since its inception on 9th July 2004, Aniruddha's Bank for the Blind has covered the following 16 states and 10 languages in India.


Maharashtra - Marathi, English, Sanskrit and Hindi
Goa - Marathi, English, Sanskrit and Hindi
Gujarat - Guajrati, Hindi, English and Sanskrit
Rajasthan - English, Hindi and Sanskrit


West Bengal - Hindi, Bengali and English


Karnataka - Kannada, English, Sanskrit and Hindi
Tamilnadu - Tamil, English, Sanskrit and Hindi
Kerala - Malayalam, English, Sanskrit and Hindi
Andhra Pradesh - Telugu, English, Sanskrit and Hindi


Delhi - English, Hindi and Sanskrit
Chandigarh - English, Hindi and Sanskrit
Hariyana - English, Hindi and Sanskrit
Uttar Pradesh - English, Hindi and Sanskrit


Chhattisgarh - English, Hindi and Sanskrit
Madhya Pradesh - English, Hindi and Sanskrit
Bihar - English, Hindi and Sanskrit

In addition to above, the bank has compiled with the request received from Karachi, Pakistan for individual student (studying 'O' Level - Cambridge Course, U.K.) Till December 2008, the bank has provided over 30000 recorded cassettes and about 5000 cds .This service of supporting visually challenged students all over India is free of cost.

This opportunity will spread knowledge and joy to them, and will also bring us closer to their world. Besides, as part of one common social setup, it is indeed our responsibility and duty to offer them help.

Let us be a part of this noble cause,
Let us hold hands,
Let us feel the bond.

How can you be part of the seva ? By recording the material needed, by giving us information about blind schools and contact persons. ( Get in touch at the given address for details. )

Contact :

Aniruddha's Bank for the Blind

503, Link Apt., 35th Rd,
Old Khar, Khar,
Mumbai - 400028
Maharashtra, India.

Tel : 022-26057054.

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